Millions of listeners worldwide

According to a study from July 2021 on global podcast consumption, the number of podcast listeners worldwide has steadily increased and is predicted to rise even further. In 2020, the number of podcast listeners worldwide amounted to 332.2 million internet users, while this number has grown to 383.7 in 2021.

You can speak directly to your listeners!

No other online medium allows you to talk so directly to your content consumers, for example you can driving or travelling, cooking or DIYing together. You can be with them all the time at work and even while they exercise. They can start and end their day with you.

The podcast generates revenue

With the right podcast, you can show that your business has something important to say to them. You can build trust and share knowledge, while developing engagement with your brand and your products and services.

Re-use your podcast

Good audio content can be reused across multiple platforms. It can be a blog post, website content, social media post or even a video post.

Our services


Studio rental

Our downtown studio can be rented with our own technical staff. If you think you’re comfortable with audio content design and post-production, we can provide you the opportunity to record your podcast in our city studio.

Podcast stúdió
Utómunka Hello Podcast

Post production

Once your recording is complete, we’ll do a full editing and FX in our studio to ensure your listeners get the best possible quality from your podcast.


Podcast strategy

We are ready to participate in the design of your podcast optimal format, genre, airtime, content, hosts and even the voices.

Podcast stratégia
Hangalámondás, voiceover, narráció

Voice narration, signal and voiceover

We can provide you the right presenter’s voice, on-air narrators and voice-overs for your podcast. We’ll create a podcast audio signature that provides a unique sound to your show that’s easily identifiable.


Podcast marketing

We provide our clients a full branding and online, offline marketing support. We manage podcast servers and ensure that all podcasts are delivered to listeners on time via the major podcast providers (Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts, Spotify…etc).

Marketing stratégia

For companies and businesses

Try out the Podcast format to add a new content to your marketing portfolio, acquire new and engaged customers, build a new business network with more confidence in your product or service!

For self-made podcasters

If you’ve got a good podcast plan, we’re happy to give you the space to make it happen and host your own show. Let’s work together, partner up, create together!

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