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This is how we work

Your podcast to be designed to support wider business goals

While you work for your clients, we’ll tailor your show to work for you.

Creating an unmistakable voice identity

The listener instantly knows that your image and your business are behind the sound and the melody, so they can easily identify the content you are producing.

We produce audio promotions and teasers

You can raise awareness not only with the ready-to-air podcast, but also with its trailer, either on social media or on your own platforms.

We plan topics together, but you control the content

This is how episodes become stories of your company and storytelling becomes seasons.

We can design interview questions and narrative texts together

This ensures that all programme segments and topics are in place.

We showcase talent, match your company with the right voices

Bring new presenters and voices or professional sound engineers to help make your podcast more professional.

We create text transcripts of programmes

With text transcripts, your company can publish more content on more platforms, so you can more strongly shape the professional discourse.

in numbers

In Hungary, podcasts are an emerging form of content production. We are gaining more and more regular listeners. Our professional experiances and reached numbers are the following:

Hours of experiences in radio and audio programme editing, producing and creating

Satisfied listeners

Current projects

Number of coffees consumed

Current and pre-production projects

Ring Podcast

Ring Podcast - Női történetek

The Ring Podcast began broadcasting in audio format on nine different podcast platforms in January 2021. So far, their 18 broadcasts have been listened to by more than 110,000 people, with 70% of listeners in the 18-45 age group. The Ring Podcast was recorded via zoom in the year of the pandemic.

Greenside logó új2023

Greenside Pocast

How do we and how should we fit into the natural environment? How can we make human presence on the planet and its wildlife more tolerable and sustainable. This is what our podcast is about.

Space science Podcast

Events and news from experts in the field of national and international space science. (Pre-production!)

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